Bespoke Sportswear Norwich

Brand new for 2017, we are delighted to be working with experienced sportswear manufacturer GFORCE Sportswear , enabling your team to create a custom kit, with a completely unique identity.

GFORCE Sportswear is a cutting edge brand developed by Gymphlex Ltd, which has over 110 years experience in producing high quality sportswear, and works with some of the biggest names in UK sport and fashion. With a wealth of experience that gives the consumer maximum confidence GFORCE Sportswear offers an extensive range of custom teamwear to match the needs of team and clubs this new age of sport. Using their vast expertise, the aim is to provide customers with technical, high performance custom teamwear that makes them stand out above the rest.

How many fabrics can I choose from?

GFORCE Sportswear is committed to sourcing and developing the latest technical fabrics, enabling them to offer you the best fabrics in the sportswear industry. Whether you are looking for a modern technical garment to increase your performance or a traditional look we here at Ink & Stitch are able to help. With over 25 GFORCE fabrics to choose from, we’re sure we can find the right one for you!

What designs can I have?

In addition to the traditional ‘cut and sew’ garments, GFORCE Sportswear offer the newest printing technique in sportswear to date, Dye-Sublimation. Put simply, Dye-Sublimation is like a tattoo, whereby the ink is impregnated directly into the fabric, making its effect permanent and therefore unaffected by washing or ironing! The garment fabric starts white, a blank canvas, meaning the possibilities of what design to have are nearly endless.

Whether it’s solid colours, stripes, swirls, fading or anything your mind can imagine, Dye-Sublimation can probably achieve it! What’s more, the cost doesn’t change depending on the design… Whether it’s a simple or detailed design the cost is the cost so those extra logos, sponsors, names and numbers don’t cost you an extra penny!
Stuck for ideas?

Don’t worry, you still get plenty of choice with the Cut & Sew options, with 13 styles and countless colour combinations to choose from, your team can still stand out from the competition. Click here to see the design templates for a Cut & Sew garment and some of the most recent Sublimated work created by the GFORCE design team!

Bespoke Sportswear Norwich Bespoke Sportswear Norwich

How long will my kit take?

Lead times on the range vary from 4 weeks for a Sublimated garment, to 7 weeks for a Cut & Sew garment, both of which commence when we receive your final signed confirmation on the order job sheet.

What are the minimums?

Minimums are just 10 per design (which can be a mix of sizes) no matter what technique you are using to create your teams bespoke kit. If you’re looking for a completely unique look, the GFORCE Sportswear range is the way to go. The possibilities are endless!

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